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So then, who's up for a roleplay?

If Fran moves the board then I'd much prefer to run it on there, since I think forums are a much better place to view them. Or, we could have a sister community for it, for do it via e-mail, or set up a separate forum. Anyone have any preference out of the four, or a different idea?

Here're my ideas in synopsis form for an RP then. If any interest is shown I'll expand the descriptions. Take your pick, or suggest your own!

Nerpin and I started up a Pokemon RP a while ago which never really got off the ground. So let's have another attempt :D Omens and disasters are befalling the world; earthquakes are ripping apart the earth, dead Rayquaza are plunging from the sky, storms are scouring the coasts and the sleeping Legendaries are stirring. What is happening to the world? Is it natural, man-made, or a harbinger of something far worse to come? And whatever it is, can it be stopped?

This RP can either be set in the actual Pokemon world, or we can have it in the Mystery Dungeon world. If the latter, there are no humans, and the characters are all Pokemon. The world is still wild, but there are small Pokemon towns and, aside from when they go animalistic from fear and angry, the vast majority of Pokemon are sentient.

As yet nameless fantasy RP
This started out as a member fic, then it evolved into an original piece, but I think it'd work nice as an RP.

Ten thousand years ago, the civilised Good races of the world united to form a single great nation. They drove the chaotic Evil races to the brink of extinction and reached the boundaries of technology. Magic and science were fused as one, vast highways spanned the oceans, golden skyscrapers pierced the skies and life itself could be shaped and reformed. But this glorious age came to an end when, in a terrible conjunction of stars, a rift into a daemonic dimension was opened. Demons and monstrosities poured through the scar, and despite their wisdom, the empire crumbled beneath the onslaught. But the Good races were not alone. In the world were God-Beasts, great immortal creatures who ruled over an elemental force- be it fire, time, magic, lightning, night etc. They chose champions amongst the mortal races to partake their power and fight against the demons. Eventually the stars moved out of position, the rift closed and the remaining demons destroyed. But the war was not without cost. The world's population had been slaughtered and most of the God-Beasts were slain. The great nation had collapsed and the world fell into a Dark Age.

The RP is set a few thousand years after the fall. The world still bears the scars of war, and civilisation is slowly rebuilding itself. The Evil races have recovered and are once again becoming a dangerous threat. The once single nation has fragmented into seperate countries, each vying with each other for supremacy. Most of the advanced technology has been forgotten and although some cities may call themselves industrial, most of the world is still mediaeval. Quite a living can be made from those willing to brave the ancient ruins and salvage the old technology. But the future is far from hopeful; those who care to notice the signs have realised the stars are slowly waltzing back into position, and that can only mean one thing...war is about to begin again.

So, a world of fantasy races, magic, wondrous ancient technology and a not-so-certain future. Plus, one thing I should mention, dinosaurs and other (to us) extinct creatures are an everyday part of the world. Some are pets, some beasts of burden, some mounts for war, and some even sentient beings!

If this gets chosen I'll go into a lot more detail- that was literally a whirlwind tour of the main idea.

Warriors of Heaven
Then I had the idea of restarting this :D Some of you might actually remember it on PF (don't go looking for it; I reread it not long ago and my old posts were so embarrassing >0<). I had a lot of plot worked out for it, so figured I'd re-pitch it.

It's a Breath of Fire RP, set in a different world from that of the games. The Dragon Clan have faded into legend and the other races have formed nations of their own in a continent known as the Northlands. The Worens, Hesperians and Wyndians have their own city states, whilst the other races settle where they please.

It began as a tale from the distant, mountain-guarded Southlands...a great army had assembled and was laying waste to all in its path. But to the people of the Northlands these were stories and nothing more. Then came refugees, fleeing from the great horde. But what was there to worry about? This so-called army could not be a threat to the city states, and besides, it was still hundreds of miles away. Until, that is, it marched across the mountain border and cut a swath through the Northlands. Worent fell beneath the onslaught, as did everything in its path. Currently Hesperia is under siege, and once the great city falls, Wyndia will be next...

The army itself is a mystery. Its soldiers are taken from all the races, and each wears black. The banners are pure black, and each soldier is a silent fighter, showing no emotion and not uttering a sound, even when badly wounded or dying. Nothing is known about the army, its name or its purpose. It has become known as the Nameless Army, and its tide of darkness is soon to engulf the land...

In desperation, the races of the world have placed their hopes in an ancient legend (as always). Beings from another world, filled with great knowledge, shall arrive to save the world and foil the Nameless Army. But, in typical BoF4 style, rather than wait for these Heavenly Warriors to arrive, they decided to speed up the process and summon them themselves. But these aren't your ordinary heroes...

They're the members of Project Freakdom.

In this RP you can either play yourself or an original character. If yourself, you don't have to be human, but rather what you perceive yourself to be in the BoF world- last time we had Wyndians, Armadillos and Dragons running about! Characters who play RPGs, running around in what they know is an RPG world? Oh dear...

So, those are my three suggestions. Ideas, comments and opinions, please!
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