Raya Kaiserin (phoenixshards) wrote in pfreakdom,
Raya Kaiserin

Podcasts and all that

I know a lot of you don't check PF very regularly, so I'll make a post here to hope it catches your attention :)

As you know, we've had the idea to start doing podcasts, and Dickey has taken up the mantle of doing the technical side. All that's needed from us is some material. I've sent in four segments myself, and we're looking for a bit more. Details can be found in this thread, but in a nutshell it should be around 15-20 minutes or so.

A lot of people have been saying "I'll wait to see what it's like", but if noone else contributes that's going to be a problem! If people really want to hear I'm sure Dickey or myself can send you a bit of what we have (if you can bear to hear my horrible voice that is :p). There's also been the concern of what to talk about; well, anything! I literally just grabbed my best friend and we waffled on about the things we usually talk about (D&D, Mario, Pokemon, Disney etc). Admittedly I feel a little uncomfortable doing something by myself, even though I could rant for England, and if you're the same just find a friend and get chatting. Once you get over the initial nerves it's lots of fun- you forget the microphone is there, and suddenly realise you've gone way over the time limit!

There's been some trouble of recording conversations over the internet (this went way over my head, so someone else will have to explain), so until that's sorted the speakers have to be in the same room. If anyone knows a way to solve this it'd be greatly appriciated.

So whip out those mics and get recording- it's tremendous fun. Once you get the podcasting bug you won't look back, baby.
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